Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Short film I was in 4 years. So this is what I look like mad skinny with really long hair, very little (if any) make-up, and an emo shirt.


So, when I was working the PNC promotion a lot of us couldn't resist playing dress up too. So here I am as a rockstar in an over-sized promotional shirt. It was a pretty cool promo, and they let me play photographer a bit which was pretty awesome.

In more recent news I just booked a promotion giving out samples of a juice drink at Whole Foods. So now I have to go and buy a chef's hat. :)

Peace out,


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life Updates

Monday through Wednesday I was working the SurFin (Surface finishings) convention at the downtown convention center. I got to play with the badge printer, it was amazing haha. Anyway, today I'm doing very little except finishing watching Superbad which I started last night. Tomorrow through Sunday I'm doing a promotion for PNC, which is set up like a mini-festival for kids with games and crafts.

I also did a photoshoot almost two weeks ago, but I'm still waiting on pictures from that. Oh oh, and I just got hired on as one of the NYU ReadyU campus reps for this fall.
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