Friday, October 31, 2008

Just a General Lack of Direction

I really wish that I could just sit down and say that I have one goal and that I'm going to do my best to accomplish it. Instead, I'm just playing around with this idea at trying to be successful at everything and I really think it prevents me from becoming really great at any one single thing. The title of this blog is pretty good for me to have simply because I am always steps away from whatever I want to achieve, but never in that moment of success. I also never have enough time for the life I live so it's making me turn into a half-asleep zombie that runs from one thing to the next all of the time.

Interesting things that occured today:

I went to the Martha Stewart show with a group from Women in Communications. Blake Lively was on the show, we got some free stuff, I guess it was really cool I'm just in a really lame mood for some reason. I'll add photos later. I also happened to be by Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes' place when they went to their car today. I actually walk by their paparazzi all the time, but that was the first time I actually saw them - I tried to get a photo of that but I didn't get my camera out in time.

Monday, October 27, 2008

My first day as an intern....

For some reason it seems incredibly weird to me that I'm an intern at all. I don't have an explanation, it just does. Anyway that was random, sorry.

But yeah so I sit at a desk and read screenplays and do write-ups on them and do fun things too like make deliveries and buy stuff at Duane Reade. I was also giving feedback on the trailers they made for their movie that's about to come out. What I guess is most odd to me is actually experiencing what it's like to have to write in an office for a job. Obviously it's not like a paying job so I guess that stress isn't fully there, but like it's so weird, but I guess it makes me more productive. I don't know what I'm saying anymore. Anyway I need to be writing for school I guess.



Saturday, October 25, 2008

Getting Paid to be a Pretend Fan

Proof that it happened.

Basically the larger blond lady in the photo's fiance was paying $50,000 to pretend that she was a supermodel so that she would marry him. I guess that's life when you have a sugar daddy in your fifties.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ra Ra Riot Photos & Photo in

So yeah I went to the Ra Ra Riot concert with this group from LSP (liberal studies program if you aren't at NYU) and they had the time to be there for the show wrong so we were all like front row. Anyway, I was stupid and forgot my real camera so I just have horrible quality close up shots of Ra Ra Riot taken with my cell. Also, after the show this guy from was taking photos of people at the concert and I'm in one looking stupid like I usually am in photos.

Internship Time!!!


So anyway starting Monday I'm going to be an intern for Atlantic Pictures. Apparently I'll mostly be reading scripts and helping with casting for a film they'll be shooting in the spring. It's mid-semester and totally not applicable to my major so I'm just doing it for the experience not credit, but it should be cool nonetheless.


I have not posted in ages.....

Anyway, I just deleted any even remotely political posts because that in no way is the point of this blog and I'm completely a moderate and don't feel like dealing with people who want me to recruit me to their side.

As for updates on life I went to Long Island for the first time on Saturday to work a promotion at the Oyster Bay Festival. I thought that it would be really cute, but it was actually really corny and mad freezing. And yet, so many people were taking the hour and a half train ride from Manhattan to go there. Silly people. Anyway, I was getting paid so I could care less, I just had trouble understanding why you would travel so far for a little small town festival with an oyster eating contest when it was like 40 degrees outside.

I also went to a Ra Ra Riot concert in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Friday. That was complete awesomeness and I'll put up photos later today.

Oh and on last Tuesday I went to this completely awesome political panel hosted by MTV. Diablo Cody, Rosario Dawson, Larry Wilmore and a few journalists were there - biggest names being Luke Russert and Hilary Rosen. It was completely random that they had Diablo Cody though because she clearly wasn't that into politics and apparently was there because they were claiming that the "Juno effect" was going to make people like Palin because of her daughter and her response was like "If I knew that I would have so much power over people I would have made a movie titled 'Don't Vote for John McCain' instead." Which although a great comment, kind of summed up all she really was prepared to say. Nonetheless, still awesome to have seen her in person. Also, I was really surprised how seriously into politics Rosario Dawson actually was. I knew she was the spokesperson for Voto Latino, but I assumed she would only point out obvious facts about the organization like Natalie Portman did for FINCA when she spoke at NYU last year. I would like to say that I would be posting photos for that as well, but I'm sure MTV would have kicked me out had I tried for any.

My goal is that in the future I will just write posts immediately after I do things, even if I'm piled with homework and real work like I was last week.


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