Monday, January 25, 2010

I saw Wes Anderson in person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, it was totally amazing. This happened on 11-11-09 at the Apple Store in Soho. Sadly my attempt at getting there an hour early failed and I ended up only getting there half an hour early so I was pretty far back in the crowd. Anyway, here are some photos from the event. Next time I do something this cool I promise to post about it immediately.

Updates from the past few months part 2

I walked into Old Navy one day and saw this scary scene:

I was one of the hair stylists at the Herbal Essences table at the IJC Fashion Show Fall 09:

haha, Just thought these were cute. By the way I only took these to show my mom wardrobe updates:

Oh yeah, my hair also got mad curly for a couple of weeks:

Just noticed that I've been MIA on here for quite a bit

Sorry, the past few months have been extremely packed for me. Anyway, here's a brief photo diary of those months:

So on Halloween I came across the PlayGirl van. That was just so random, especially since it was parked by a Walgreens and Chase (and no club / bar in site).

Here's a couple of photos from the Halloween Weezer concert:

Also some seamlessweb Halloween work. Sorry I had to post the male Geisha haha:

Oh yeah, and the Yankee's won the world series and their fans went insane all over lower Manhattan:

More to come soon...
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