Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My late New Year's Post

Wrote this post on the 5th while flying back to NYC. Life's been too crazy for me to get around to posting it. Anyway, here it is now.

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. You don’t need to wait for a new year to come around to decide that your life needs to be changed. Every day is a new day. There is never any need to wait until a certain day to decide to diet or clean or exercise or put your dreams on paper. That being said, this year I’ve strangely decided to actually go the resolution route.
• 2012 is going to be my make it or break it year. If I don’t see myself booking acting / modeling jobs enough to justify living in NYC, then I don’t think I’m going to continue chasing down that dream in 2013.
• I’m going to get myself organized. Not so much to the extent that I’m going to let calendars and routines overrule my crazy schedule filled with last minute bookings and twelve hour work days, but to the point that I won’t let myself waste time on stressful situations that cannot be helped by my constant worry. If a task needs to be completed, then I have no reason to sit around fretting over a situation that I cannot control instead of completing said task. This is not to say that I will put more value on doing laundry than getting coffee with a friend, but simply that I will not let negative assumptions or sore feelings take up any of my time. Every moment in life is valuable; I don’t want to see any more time get wasted on things that I cannot change.
• I’m going to try to write out a list of what I need to get done for the next day every night or at least the morning of before I start out my day. This is one of those ones that I kind of doubt I’ll be able to keep during periods where I’m booking a lot of work, yet, even if I can implement this one every other week I think it would do a lot for my life.
My apologies for this sounding more like a science report than a blog post, but my mood at the moment is far too introspective and analytical for anything more creative or light to get typed up by my fingers.
I hope that everyone has a wonderful 2012


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