Friday, February 20, 2009

LeSportSac 35th Anniversary Party in SoHo

Apparently Teen Vogue leaves you on their invite list until you turn 22 so I've been able to take in some of the benefits of being a high school student in Manhattan while going to NYU. Anyway, I heard of a party with free food, celebrity appearances, and possibly Teen Vogue favors so I went on ahead and checked it out before I ran off to work at Town Hall last night.

The party was pretty cool, except for the fact that they didn't really seem to have any limits on how many people could RSVP. The first five minutes were kind of cool then the place became a crazy fire hazard were you couldn't move and the caterers couldn't move once they got to the top of the stairs. And granted I left a half hour into it, apparent host Sophia Bush wasn't there when it started, which you would think if you were a failing actress claiming to host a Teen Vogue party you would show up before it started.

On the bright side they had an adorable candy store theme going on where you could take LeSportSac labeled candy bags and scoop various hard candies and M&M's into them. Once again though, it was so crowded after I had been there for five minutes that it became a fight to get a piece of candy, and honestly is it really worth fighting through a crowd for a few pieces of taffy? Well, okay, maybe I did, but it was an alcohol free event that I waited almost 20 minutes outside for and there was nothing else to do there.

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