Monday, April 20, 2009

Stereo Total at Fillmore!!!!!!!!

Seriously, best show ever!! I managed to get in the front row too right after the Leslie and the Ly's crowd left (or more likely went to get more drinks). Anyway, obviously it sounded amazing because it was Stereo Total and they are the best band in the world, but seriously it would have been fun even if they had sucked. Brezel Göring completely ran around the theater using the wall, pipes and crowd barricade like a drum (this wasn't stupid, it completely worked). They also let the first couple of rows dance on stage (Göring actually pulled me on before he went crowd surfing) during Wir Tanzen Im 4-Eck. Oh and they through a couple of girls from the audience on stage to dance with them during L'Amore a Trois. Small crowd because they have the tiniest fan base in America for some unknown reason, they were all for having fun with the crowd, and as expected they sounded pretty awesome too.

Anyway, here are some photos that I took that night. Also, check out my videos at

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