Sunday, May 24, 2009

Drinking Iced Tea in the South

So today I had a very delightful cup of mango iced tea at La Vida Java, which is this coffeehouse that I barely go to because it's like 20 minutes from me and buried in the suburbs of Louisville. Still though, some of the best flavored iced tea in Louisville (although Heine Brothers is pretty good too). It was sort of odd though because this time they were playing christian pop in the background which just didn't fit the otherwise fairly awesome coffeehouse atmosphere. Oh well. And then the barista was from the Bronx and was telling me about how he had almost gone to Columbia and then took a job at KFC headquarters or something. It's kind of interesting that everyone in Louisville has some sort of New York story that I would have never known if I hadn't have gone to NYU. Some of the stories are just basic "I was a tourist there once!" ones, but a lot of people are apparently either from there or went to school there or worked there for a while and just have to tell me if I mention that I'm at NYU. But what kills me is that people don't say this stuff before I mention that I just came back from New York. You should always point out the cool and impressive stuff that you do, not to brag, but because it's more interesting than what you normally do. That's kind of hypocritical of me to say I guess, but oh well.

This posting is really messy and I am rambling on about stupid stuff. Sorry guys.



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