Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Audit

Admittedly, I would normally not waste my time blogging about an upcoming Christian independent film, however this film gave me a tiny speaking role.

I'm not 100% sure what this film is really about after filming with them, reading part of the script, and reading the synopsis on their website, but I'll past the synopsis here so you can try to figure out the plot.

"The Audit explores the relationship between Courtney Jacobson, a frightened bookkeeper working for a corrupt pharmaceutical manufacturing company, and Conrad Ledford, an IRS agent conducting an audit on this company. As Conrad crunches numbers, he finds evidence of Courtney hiding more than a paper trail, and of terrorists planning a devastating strike on US soil. Caught between wanting to help Conrad bring the terrorists to justice, and protecting her secret, Courtney must make a painful decision."

The movie's tagline is also "would you sacrifice America to save your son?"

Basically I'm in two scenes handing one of the actors and earpiece and I say "Ledford" once. I'm also wearing an ugly long skirt they had for another actress because I came in with too short of a skirt on. Hmm, maybe I should start dressing less slutty when I'm working for extremely Christian directors.

It sounds so stupid it might be amusing to watch. I'll give a review when they send me a DVD for being in it. And on a side note they were really nice people, I'm just having trouble with the idea that this film will be worth watching.

You can check out the film's website at www.TheAuditMovie.com

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