Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm such a lazy ass blogger

So since I've last posted I was a PA for American Idol during the Louisville, KY auditions, had a day as a Vault energy soda (not drink as I was told 20 times) ambassador, and lived my normal life doing Wal-Mart demos and wasting away summer.

Anyway, the American Idol thing was pretty cool / crazy. Essentially I was one of like 30 people doing random tasks for them starting out with crowd control, registration, and greeting on the first day and then set-up / tear-down of the audition area in Freedom Hall, giving out and collecting release forms, and forming audition lines (which although should have been easy after 14 hours of waiting people could no longer understand the concept of lining up in a group of four). So essentially it was a bunch of manual labor for 16 hours a day with catered lunch breaks and producers freaking out non-stop because they were so scared of people thinking that American Idol is an unfair competition. It was cool though and it should be a nice addition to my resume.

Oh and I did the can-can and other stupid dance moves with all of the American Idol PA's on film, so possibly you will see me looking like a retard on the show.

As for the Vault thing, after drinking three I was the most outgoing and excited promotional model ever.

And tomorrow I'm doing a promotion for Cartoon Network because apparently everyone wants to hire me this month.



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