Friday, August 22, 2008

First Day Back

Ok so this morning when I got on plane number one I was scared to death because that one Spanair plane had crashed the other day and then the sky looked really scary and full of rain clouds and it didn't seem safe to fly in. But anyway, after being on the plane for 20 minutes or so I was fine and outside of my window the sky was pink and the clouds were purple. It was so crazy weird, I wish that I had pulled out my camera for the flight like I usually do but it was in the overhead compartment and I couldn't pull it out mid-flight.

On another cool note the guy at the US Airways desk had trouble signing me in for baggage check and forgot to charge me for my luggage. Never hurts to save $40.

My new dorm room is nice, but I'm still unsure about the area. Not the worst part of Manhattan, but not the safest either. There is also no good grocery store near me and I'm not really in walking distance of campus anymore so now I'm pretty much forced to ride the subway anytime I go anywhere, oh well at least I'm gettting my value out of a monthly pass.

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