Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Day of Classes

I'm not ready for this semester, but it's here anyway. Today I simply had journalism and my film acting class at Tisch. I have no idea what to think about the journalism class because the guy kept saying that it was real tough, but as he said it everything sort of sounded easy. As for the acting our teacher was out and there was this super-old teacher who made us do this improv exercise that I fucked really badly. Anyway though, the class isn't about improv so I'm not going to worry about it, plus it's pass / fail so it doesn't matter if I'm not perfect.

As for things that have happened since my last post....

I worked as a PA for this short called "Go to Sleep" and I got some experience working with the boom, slating, being a stand-in, and doing female jobs like ironing and washing dishes. It was the first time that I went down to Staten Island and it was kind of fun except for the fact that during filming they turned off the A/C because it was noisy. I also might be a PA for an audition that this independent film company is doing on Saturday but I'm still waiting for a final call about that.

I also started some better paying promo jobs (my week of $10 / hr gigs is totally over) one of which had me go out to Brazil Fest where a bunch of guys kept giving me kisses.

I don't know how I'm going to graduate since I'm not paying attention to what classes I'm taking. Oh well, at least I'm doing a bunch of cool stuff while I'm here.

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