Saturday, September 06, 2008

so it's raining

It's also one of those very rare days where I have nothing that I actually need to do because I actually finished my homework ahead of time. It's official that I did get into that screenwriting course just at the shitty time because the one I originally wanted just won't open up. I'm still happy though because they were both closed until Friday.

As for that PA thing I was possibly going to do today... they called and tried to set an interview for today which made no sense and I don't have time to be an unpaid PA for and entire film so I just ditched the thing. Also, people who tell you that you are applying for something that you are not creep me out and don't get me to go to an interview.

I don't think that I'm going back to Town Hall because as much as I loved it, the pay was terrible and I barely have time for Gin Lane Media and school as is. But I don't know, I still need to talk to them because they should have a check for me and maybe if I only worked a few days a month it wouldn't be that much of an added stress.

I'm also considering writing for the newspaper again, mostly because if I'm even halfway considering going the journalism route, I should probably be spending my time actually writing articles.

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