Sunday, May 01, 2011

I think I'm awake again....

So it all started Friday morning. If you want to call 5:40 AM morning. :/ I got a lovely phone call from my mother to get up and watch the royal wedding and went on ahead and watched since I couldn't get back to sleep after that.

My thoughts on the wedding:

The dress was okay. I'm also not getting the Grace Kelly comparisons here. Yes, Kate Middleton is very pretty, but her dress was nowhere near as pretty as Grace Kelly's.

Here are the two dresses:

Although I'm not the biggest fan of Grace Kelly's dress, I think that it's as good as you can get if you want an overly formal sleeved dress. Kate Middleton's on the other hand had a bad attempt at being modern and I couldn't help but think her wedding veil looked like a funeral shroud. Not that I hated Kate Middleton's dress, but it was nothing that should be compared to Grace Kelly's which was far more lovely.

Anyway, after the wedding I was doing a stock photoshoot. What I thought would be a quick simple photoshoot turned into my craziest day on any set. In the middle of the shoot one of the models says she feels faint and sits down and passes out. She then has a seizure and everyone ran around trying to find out if she had a bracelet or card saying she was an epileptic or diabetic. Nothing was found and when she woke up she said it was normal and happens all the time and that it was all blood pressure related and that she just needed to eat. We all waited around for an ambulance and when they came, they said that she definitely needed to go to the hospital even if she had the condition she claimed she had and she threw a tantrum over only needing food and that it was normal and she wasn't like her epileptic brother who wasn't allowed to drive a car. Since she kept making the claim that she only needed to eat, the photographer offered to get her food which she was reluctant to take and when she finally agreed to take it, said she would eat in the taxi. The crew eventually talked her into eating there, and she ate a few small bites and put it in her bag and said she ate half of it. The photographer actually asked her to show him if she ate any of it and got upset over her not eating after denying medical care after she said it was all blood pressure (which the medics agreed was really low). Also, for anyone wondering if this is a case of lack of insurance, someone found her medical card when they were looking for something about her condition while on the phone with EMS. She then proceeded to take a train to Long Island for an UNPAID charity fashion show. Let me also point out that this girl was 23 and clearly not the right type for runway modeling. So she risked her life for what was essentially a waste of her time. Basically I felt like I was in a bizarre reality show, because you would think a scenario like that could only be staged.

After that the shoot when on a little longer and then I stupidly made the choice to go out after that. So the next morning when I had to get up at 6:00 AM for a legit reason like working at 7:00 AM I was completely drained. I ended up doing a promotion during the Womentum walk for cancer research. The job was pretty cool and I got to see Jessica Alba make a bad attempt at reading a teleprompter. Love her as an actress but they probably should have made sure she knew how to use a teleprompter before the event so she wouldn't have had to spend most of her speech with her eyes looking away from the camera.

After getting off at 1PM I managed to stay up for a few more hours until I eventually crashed. Woke up at 6AM again (this time not half asleep) and have for the most part had a pretty relaxing day - finally.

Also, I just recently booked a lead role in a short film. I'll be shooting most of this week.




Joshua Dudley said...

what was the short film about?

Anonymous said...

What did you think about the reading Kate Middleton's brother did at the Royal wedding?

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