Monday, October 24, 2011

Life Updates!!!!!

I've totally been neglecting this blog lately....

So I believe I left off that I was doing a short film in May and here's the movie poster from that:

I also ended up having a walk on role for a pilot for a new Bravo dating show in June. More details to come if it ends up airing.

Also in June I did another test shoot for AUBE Cosmetics:

And then I ended up getting a gig as a model for a photography class in June as well:

Then in July I did a product testimonial for Carol's Daughter for HSN.

Outside of all that I've been booking promotions like crazy. That and I did a bit of extra work on I Just Want My Pants Back, Blue Bloods, and Smash.

I'm also trying to put together a legit website too, but until then I will be posting more frequent updates on this.


Mike said...

Great photos and that's an awesome movie poster. Keep up the good work, Tori.

Tori said...

Thanks Mike!

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