Saturday, March 12, 2011


I'm still puzzled as to how my coffee addict self had never made it into Gizzi's Coffeehouse on 8th St and 5th Ave until today. I thought I had pretty much at one point or another gone to every coffeehouse even remotely close to NYU for a much needed caffeine boost, but somehow I hadn't noticed this one until today.

Coffee = pure awesome as far as taste goes. Nice strong brew with a smooth flavor. I hated not being able to put in my own cream though, for real, that's one of the many reasons I hate getting even the basically free coffee at McDonald's. But still, amazing coffee despite the lack of control I had over the milk situation.

The overall atmosphere was pretty rad too. Lots of seating and not enough people to fill every seat (so rare anywhere in NYC on the weekend), a nice mix of chill indie music playing, and a big screen TV playing Charlie Chaplin films. Even the somewhat crazy man humming or meditating or doing something with mouth noises at the table behind me didn't ruin my time there.

They also had the largest selection of blintzes I've seen outside of Greenpoint. I'll probably hit them up for lunch sometime soon to try them.



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