Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Levi's Chambray - The Official Sponsor of Sugar Daddies Everywhere

Now I'm not going to lie, seeing photos of an older moderately attractive man with a super young model pasted all over the Columbus Circle subway stop definitely caught my attention. And it did make me check out Levi's Chambray which was in all fairness a pretty awesome line.

But, really? Couldn't have they at least found an attractive male celebrity or older model or something? It looks like recession era average Joe sugar daddies are the new market everyone has to reach. It's like the Dove ads, but for sugar daddies. Like the somewhat curvy Dove girls, Levi's has a moderately attractive model that's slightly younger than their target so they actually have a somewhat realistic goal to aspire to.

The "I'm so cool I get to have sex with girls half my age" photo:

The "I'm about to crap my pants because she just maxed out my credit card" face:

The "I still think I'm young when I'm not" gangster pose:

All I want to know now is if this actually makes more men buy Levi's.


Mike said...

It'd be sad if a man bought pants just to try to be that guy, awesome gangster pose or not. Unfortunately there is a market for gullible, aging dudes in need of stylish clothes and a little lovin'.

Anonymous said...

OMG tooo funny. LOVE your post :)

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